Our Real Brides

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Louise, Newcastle

"Well were do I start...With a HUGE thank you seems to be a good place. Before stumbling across your website I had given up hope on the idea of shopping for my wedding dress. Then by some miracle I came across your site and my wonderful journey to becoming the princess bride I had hoped to be started. On my first visit I met with Paula, she was lovely, warm and welcoming, we went straight to the dresses, "pick as many as you like, we will get you into them" was the most wonderful words I had ever heard. I picked out the ones I liked and we went off to the biggest dressing roomIi had ever seen, my mam sat on the comfy sofa. I tried on all the fabulous dresses and I was so excited, I was stood there in wedding dresses! Paula left to find a dress she had in mind. When I was stood there getting the dress done up i looked down and seen the detail across the bottom and feel in love, I got a warm giddy feeling. I had found my dress! The dress was perfect, I didn't want to take it off. That was it, didn't need to see anymore dresses, it was ordered and I left the shop one very excited bride to be.

When I finally received the phone call to say my dress was in after what felt like an eternity I was once again very excited. When I arrived at the shop I was ready to burst, then I seen it, my dress was ever better than I could ever have imagined, I had ordered it in ivory and it was fantastic. The detailing I had fell in love with on my first visit, stood out so much more against the ivory. I was bursting to get into it, with my figure shaping basque on I stood with my back to the mirror while Lucy fastened me into MY dress. I was shaking with excitement, When I looked at myself stood there in my wedding dress I was flabbergasted. It was PERFECT, I was going to be a princess bride, it was a feeling I had never felt before, I knew I was going to be stunning, I was going to wow my husband to be. After quite a few alterations around the booby area it was a perfect fit.

I want to thank you both so very much for your help, in my eyes you are both angels sent to look after all the brides scorned by skinny bridal stores! Paula without your expertise and eye for dresses I would not have even considered the dress I choose and Lucy with your expertise and knowledge we finally had a perfect fit, it was more than comfortable on the day, it felt like a second skin.

I had the most perfect wedding day, I stunned my husband when I walked down the aisle, he sobbed like a baby. He couldn't stop saying how fantastic I looked. All my guests commented on how fabulous my dress was and how fantastic I looked. THANK YOU girls for giving me the choice to be a beautiful bride on my special day. I really do owe my day to you both. Thank you!"

Vicki, Leicestershire

"Hi Paula & Lucy!

Wow time has flown by, I can't believe I've been married nearly 2 months!

Thank you so much for all your help and for my perfect dress, I loved wearing it and I felt so special.

I've attached some pictures for you as I know you wanted some, and website pics of Premiere don't do it any justice.

Thanks again"

Hayley, Pontefract

"Hi Paula

Just a couple of photos of our wedding day - thanks for everything.  The dress was perfect!



Lisa, Selby

"I would like to thank you both for such a wonderful experience. Previous experiences had not been great - trying dresses on that were three sizes too small and being asked "how special do you feel?" does nothing for anyones self esteem.

I'd fallen in love with my dress on your website and rang to check you had it in a size I could get into, yes! When I got there you let me take my time, I tried almost everything on as I wanted to make sure that I got the right one. The best thing of all was trying on dresses that were too big and needed pinning, I'm sure you've heard this lots, but it never happens. Other shops had maybe two or three and my size, and I didn't always like them. I loved my dress from the moment I tried it on. I also never felt pressured to buy all my accessories from you like other shops had.

You answered all my mums concerns about getting the dress to fit around my top half, as I am two completely different sizes top and bottom. You opened the shop especially for me when it looked like we may be running out of time, and never once made me feel like you couldn't make it fit me perfectly. My only concern was that my mum and sister couldn't get me into the dress and make it fit like you had, but Lucy taught them how it needed to be laced up and they did a great job on my wedding day.

It's a shame not every bride gets to experience The Big Day way of buying a wedding dress!

Thanks again"

Sarah, Welshpool, Powys

"The last time you saw my beautiful Justin Alexander dress it was just delivered and pretty much hanging off me, so as promised I have attached a few piccies of the finished dress on our ‘Big Day'!

I hope you will agree it looked amazing, and I can say with great confidence that it felt amazing too!

A massive thanks to you both for all of your help with my dress and underwear, it was lovely to meet you both and well worth the journeys from Mid Wales each time. I enjoyed every minute spent hunting for my dress and couldn’t have done it without you!

Many many thanks"


Joanne, Sheffield

"First of all, the whole experience of getting a dress for a fuller figure bride was amazing. We had been engaged for over 8 years and I honestly think one of the reasons for not pushing to walk down the aisle was my fear of dress shopping. I don't enjoy shopping for anything, and whenever possible, will go in, get it, and come out again. I hate trying things on and the thought of getting undressed to bra and pants and having someone fit me was honestly horrifying. So when we chose to set the date and my dad found your website I was excited. Reading other peoples comments about their experiences, gave me a little glimmer of hope.

I was amazed with the store, and the range of dresses. Lucy was amazing and put my mum and I at ease straight away. We picked a range to try on and then that was it; the one! It's true what they say; you just know which dress is yours when your standing there looking at your reflextion in the mirror. In the space of two hours, my biggest fear of finding a dress that would fit, had been sorted and put to rest. I had a dress for my Big Day!

On the day I felt like a real princress for once in my life. Everybody said how beautiful I looked in the dress, and that it was a change to see me another colour than black!

So my top tip to other brides, go to The Big Day. They are the best and don't make you feel awkward for being bigger than average. I can't say thank you enough for my experience. You are truely brilliant Lucy. Your job is so important and you make so many people happy. Thank you."


Nicola, Manchester

"I just wanted to thank you both for all your help and advice when I came to The Big Day looking for the most important dress I was ever likely to purchase. As a plus size bride, I never even dreamt that I would feel so special and that the dress would give me the waist I'd always longed for.

From the beginning the whole process was much more fun than I could have possibly envisaged, and I looked forward to each visit to your wonderful shop. All my inital fears of being a plus size bride evaporated instantly and you put me at ease straight away. In essence you just 'understood' straight from the off! When I came to pick up my dress, whilst I was excited, I couldn't help leaving with a sense of sadness, being that it was my final visit.

Our wedding day was everything we had hoped for and I felt confident and sexy in my Nicola Anne dress. You are both an inspriration and a pleasure to work with and I will be banging The Big Day drum for a long time to come. Thank you so much xxx"




"I have finally come down off my newly wed cloud to send you some piccies our our big day in New York!

It was everything we dreamed of - as everyone tells you the best day of our lives. In no small part though my big day was down to how I felt in my beautiful dress and the confidence and support provided by you girls.

It made it over there in one piece - and I literally felt a million dollars. I got so many compliments (as well as lots of people stroking the fur which was slightly disturbing!!).

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making my wedding experience so positive and for making me feel like a proper bride. I couldn't stop beaming all day. We had a big party in the UK last weekend... so I got to wear it again which was lots of fun!

Thanks so much for everything."


Katie, Doncaster

"Attached are some wedding photo's as promised, it seems so weird because this time last year I was getting ready for my dress to arrive. You both played a massive part in our day being perfect because being able to feel and look like a princess was priceless you were both so hopeful in making me feel comfortable and I am forever in your debt.

For all those new brides you can be big and beautiful and you both taught me this.

Many thanks and take care and if I am in Castleford I will pop in x x"


Laura, Hull

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help finding my wedding dress. I can't tell you how scared I was walking into your shop after one already bad trip to a bridal shop. I didn't have a clue what I wanted except it had to have straps (well that theory didn't turn out in the end...)

You were both so friendly and Paula randomly picking up one dress saying she thought it'd suit me before leaving the shop turned out to be the one I loved. Lucy's advice to make it personal so I'd be the only one to have the pink version of the dress.... well that just made it perfect. I don't know who was more pleased to find the dress, me or my mum! Everybody loved the dress on the day and my husband, well in his words "It's awesome... and so are you".

Keep on doing what your doing and helping us normal girls feel like we're so much more than that!"



Caroline, Oldham

This is what Caroline had to say after she visited us for the first time....

"I can only say I was blown away by what you had to offer. I picked out a dozen dresses or so, and the very first dress I put on spoiled every other dress for me. It was so beautiful. I was so appreciative of the fact that you would not let me go over my budget, and were so truthful about what would and would not suit me or fit me. Just being able to wear an underskirt that fitted - instead of the underskirt that was about 6 sizes too small which I had been sold from the previous bridal shop - I can honestly say I have never tried on a dress that was too big for me and had to be pinned to hold it on!

After much dress trying, I went back to the original dress and knew straight away that it was "THE ONE". Combined with the best fitting basque that I have ever tried on and the knowledge that you had about what exactly what would fit and what would not fit - I can honestly say you made me feel like a princess! I really cannot thank you enough - you are wonderful and I cannot wait for my first dress fitting - even though so little needs doing to the dress - it seems as though the dress was actually made for me and me only.

I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait for my big day so I get the chance to spend all day wearing the dress of my dreams!!! I know my mum is so grateful to you for making me smile again, and I will be forever in your debt for making me feel this wonderful. I cannot get this stupid grin off my face and for that I thank you so very very much!"


Rachael, York

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for making buying my wedding dress such a wonderful experience. I was so worried about trying dresses on as I thought I wouldn't be able to try them on in my size. Finding your shop was brilliant as I could try them all on.

Thank you again for all your help, i will definately recommend your shop in the future to friends that are getting married."



Jude, Wakefield

"I am delighted to add myself to your growing list of glowing brides who were able to feel special and beautiful on their wedding day, thanks to your passion and talents. I had the most fantastic day - I never once thought I would be oozing with as much confidence as I was! I originally came to your shop just to prove to myself that I could never wear a 'proper' wedding dress. But you intuitively picked out the perfect dress and that first one I tried on turned out to be The One. It was classic, elegant, unfussy and everything I had secretly hoped I could find but never thought I would.

You were wonderfully patient and clever with your addition of the sleeves, which I absolutely adored and made it exactly what I wanted. I got so many comments on what a beautiful dress it was and how well it suited my style - and, importantly, my new husband loved it and couldn’t believe how 'bridal' it was!

I wish you every success for the future, I know you will continue to make brides glow with the happiness that I felt on my wedding day. Your unique skills could never be replicated by another store, certainly not with your genuine warmth, humour, kindness and expertise. You're two in a million and I'm so glad I found you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx"


Charlie, Doncaster

"Hi Lucy and Paula

I just want to say how thankful and grateful I am to you both for all your help in the run up to my big day. It was just under a year ago that I stepped foot in your shop having put off dress shopping for over a year because I was dreading it so much. You both made me feel totally at ease and truly made me feel like a beautiful bride in every dress I tried on! I never thought I would enjoy dress shopping as much as I did and I honestly can't thank you enough.

Our wedding day was perfect and everyone commented on how amazing my dress was and said I looked like a real life princess. Here are a few photos from the day that were taken by friends, I wish I could wear my wedding dress every day, I loved it so much! Thank you once again."



Tina, Bolton

"Thank you for finding me my perfect dress. I rang and spoke to Paula stating I wanted to look at "mother of the bride" outfits as this was my second marriage and I was too long in the tooth for a traditional wedding dress. I was looking for a suit. When I arrived I relented and decided to try on some bridesmaid dresses as I felt silly at 45 at the thought of wearing a "proper" wedding dress. I tried lots of bridesmaid dresses and found a lovely plum coloured dress, I thought it was "the" dress, it made me feel elegant. Lucy then asked me to try one wedding dress which she thought would fit the bill, and when I tried it on, I was completely sold. I loved the Ronald Joyce dress she picked. Lucy said "now don't you feel like a bride?" The dress looked stunning and I loved my reflection in the mirror.

I hadn't looked forward to finding an outfit for my wedding, I am SO glad I found "The Big Day" on the internet. I loved wearing the dress on my wedding day and I had so many complements from our guests, best of all my wonderful husband thought I looked beautiful.

Paula and Lucy, I think you give a wonderful service. You completely understand the needs of larger ladies and managed to make me feel a beautiful bride on my wedding day. Thank you.

P.S. the bridesmaids looked fantastic too."



Louise, Nottingham

"Hi girls,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you both soooo much for all your help and support in helping me find 'the dress', I never expected it to be such a fun experience!

We had the best day of our lives at the wedding, I felt like a princess all day and got sooo many compliments on my dress and accessories. I thought you'd like to see a few pictures.

Thanks again



Claire, Manchester

"Hi Paula and Lucy,

Just a quick email to tell you how wonderful I felt and looked in my wonderful dress I bought from you. From the very moment I stepped in your shop it was a pleasure. I couldn't believe I was able to try 12 dresses on! I was so nervous about dress shopping ! I did not feel uncomfortable at any step of the way. I absolutely love my dress and felt amazing!! Craig (the hubby) could barely believe his eyes when I walked down the aisle, he was gob smacked!!

Thank you both so much for everything. xx"



Victoria, Warrington


I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for helping me find my perfect dress! I only had a few weeks to sort out my dress because I thought I would have to settle for one from ebay rather than face the embarrassment of going into a 'standard' bridal shop.

When I found your shop I was so relieved to be able to try on dresses in my size and not feel self-conscious.

I was married to Tim in September '09 at Niagara Falls and it was the most amazing day and thanks to you I had a dress I felt beautiful in. Thanks again




Abby, Leeds

"Dear Paula and Lucy,

I would just like to say a big thank for making my dreams of owning a stunning wedding dress become a reality. Within minutes of walking into your shop I found exactly what I was looking for. I also never expected to find my dress, veil, shoes, underwear and jewellery all under the same roof - what fantastic service!

With your help I felt like a princess on one of the most important days of my life and for that, I can't thank you enough. Wishing you both the very best of luck for the future.

Much love from Abi xx"



Sam, Leicester

"Dear Paula and Lucy,

Thank you so much for all your help and support with my dress while I was loosing weight - ordering it 2 sizes smaller was the biggest incentive I think I've ever had!

As you can see from the photos we had the most AMAZING day and I felt like a star.

Thanks again, wishing you two all the best,

Sam x"


Liz, Darlington

"Hi Lucy and Paula,

A picture of us on our big day (August 1st), as promised, finally! We had a truly magical day, even though it rained all morning, I had countless lovely comments about my dress (Alexia 1205) and our wedding car (one of my Dad's pride and joy!).

Thank you again for your excellent advice and customer service. Second to none.

Best wishes for the future success of The Big Day."



Ludi, Salisbury

"As promised, I am sending you some pictures. I was so addicted to your web site awaiting for my big day, awaiting to wear MY dress! The reason for that is because you may look at brides pictures on the Internet but this doesn't reflect how I will look! On your website, there were real brides like I would look like.

Shopping for my dress was not something I was looking forward to, thinking "How could I look good in a wedding dress size 20?" And you changed my mind. You showed me that I too was allowed to look beautiful on my big day. I gained confidence and I smiled all day long. One of my guests even commented that she'd never seen a bride looking so happy. For each of my visits, you were kind, offered great advice and told me that if I didn't loose the weight I wanted I'd still look good which was miles away from what I was thinking. Thanks to you I felt good walking down the aisle, I smiled for pictures and I danced all night confidently.

Thank you for all that, you have been wonderful. I am so glad I found your shop!

All the best for the future,




Sophie, Manchester

"Hi Lucy and Paula

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your help with choosing my dress. I had some horrible experinces in other dress shops where I had to hold £2000 dresses against me to see if they would be right. Alot of money to spend on something I could not try on!

It was great to be able to try so many beautiful dresses on and having a final choice between two was fantastic. You made me feel a beautiful bride to be and very relaxed. It was wonderful to have your honest opinion and it really helped in making my final choice.

The dress was perfect on the day and looked amazing. Everyone commented on how beautiful it looked, especially at the back! I was so happy with it. It held me in, in all the right places. I felt like a princess. Aaron was totally suprised and thought I looked beautiful.

Thank you so much again, you made it so easy for me to choose my dress. If you ever need any trying on just to make sure they fit us curvier girls ok then I will be happy to oblige!

I recommed you to any curvy girl looking for her perfect dress for her special day.

Massive thanks and best wishes




Rachel, Keighley

"Dear Lucy and Paula,

Just a quick email to say thank you for helping me to find the perfect dress for my pefect day, every women deserves to feel fantastic on her wedding day and you both made this possible for me.

Thanks Ladies, you were fab!

Rachel xxx"


Jenny, Leeds

"Never did I imagine that shopping for wedding dresses would be such a fulfilling experience, the thought of going to dress shop to have dresses pinned against me was horrifying, so you can imagine how delighted I was when I discovered your store. You made the whole experience so special and I really did feel like a princess and still do when I look back over the pictures. Not only did my dress look amazing, but so did Adi's which was a big achievement given she was 7 months pregnant!

The fact that people come from so far and wide to buy from The Big Day is testament to how amazing you two are, thank you so much!"


Davina, Leeds

"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you again for making the experience of picking the "perfect dress" for my "big day" perfect, wonderful and so memorable. You made me feel at ease, comfortable and confident, as you were aware that dress shopping was something I was dreading and said I wanted something straight up and down with nothing to it because I thought nothing else would suit my shape but that soon changed. My family and friends were amazed at the dress and loved it and thought I looked wonderful. My husband was gobsmacked and more importantly I felt like a real princess on the day.

Everything went smoothly and to plan and we had a fabulous day.So thanks again. x"



Lauren, Leeds

"To the fabulous Lucy and Paula,

Well, what can I say, apart from "you're angels"! From start to finish you made my dress shopping experience an absolute joy. I honestly can't fault any single aprt of what and how you do what you do.

On our wedding day I felt like a princess, I relished every single second of wearing my fabulous Justin Alexander dress and was so sad to have to take it off t the end of the night. I received SO many lovely compliments from our guests (so many of them asking where it came from), my only sadness is that I don't know many plus-sized girls to send your way!

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you xxx"



Nicola, Manchester

"Hi Girls

Well, I just thought I'd send you a few piccys of the wedding day (and that amazing dress - and what I wore under it! lol) - see attached.

I can't thank you enough for giving me my dream dress and making me feel amazing on the one day I feel a girl should. Everyone loved the dress and it fit me perfectly. My younger sister and mum couldn't wait to have a try after the honeymoon. haha

You truly give us curvy ladies a lifeline!!

Thank you again!!"


Ruth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

"Thank you thank you thank you. The one thing I was dreading about my wedding, apart from the cost, was where to find the perfect dress. As a bigger girl everytime I walked into a dress shop I felt the icy stare of a shop assistant on me. Luckily I went to the Newcastle Arena wedding faye and met you two. From the moment I walked into your shop I felt at ease. I tried on nearly all of the dresses, and rather than be way too small to be able to tell what they would look like, some were too big!!!! And to make it even better I found the dress of my dreams. My day was perfect and I felt like a princess. My mum, the woman who refused to cry, cried when she saw me in my dress. My husband thanks you also.

So, although I've already said it, thank you for making my perfect day just that, perfect."



Catherine, Lancashire

"Hi Lucy and Paula,

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for making shopping for my dress the positive experience I really wanted it to be, well worth the drive!!! To be able to try on loads of different dresses of every style and colour in sizes that actually fit (and in some cases were too big!!!) was amazing and just added to a fantastic experience!!

The both of you are so intuitive with your suggestions of what will look good and what is within budget. Thank you so much! You turned searching for the dream dress into the best shopping trip ever when I was really worried I might have to just order a dress I liked the look of because other shops didn't stock them anywhere near my size.

We had a fantastic day and the weather was fabulous too!! I have attached a couple of pics of our day!! The dress fit well and looked fab!! Many people commented on how beautiful it and I looked!

Thank you again I would recommend you to anyone!



Lindsey, Leeds

"To The Big Day girls,

Well our wedding day was great, my hubby keeps saying how nice I looked and the dress was gorgeous, in fact everyone who sees the pics and them that was there all say how nice I looked (even got mum to shed a few tears) and it's thanks to you guys for doing a fab job on my dress, even though I got scared when I saw it in bits but it turned out brill, so I want to say a huge thank you. I will bring it back next year for alterations doing on it for our blessing as I won't be pregnant next year (thank god) lol.

Hope you enjoy the pics I have attached, and thanks again."


Sarah, Rochdale

"Dear Paula and Lucy,

I just wanted to thank you both for your exceptional service that you gave me on the occasions that I came to the shop. I never thought that I would find the dress of my dreams, but I did at your shop. My dress was everything that I have ever dreamed of and more! I gave my husband Matthew the wow factor that I was hoping for and he could hardly look at me without a tear in his eye! I truly felt a million dollars even though I was absolutely boiling in the 32 degree heat that we had on our wedding day, they told us that it was the hottest May in over 100 years!!

Hope that the shop continues to be an amazing success and that you make many more larger ladies as happy as I was on my wedding day! I attach a few pictures for you to see.

Fond regards
Sarah xx"



Rachael, Wakefield

"Hi Lucy and Paula

I though I would send you some photos of our wedding day in Cyprus, we had an absolutley wonderful day it was everything we could have dreamt of and more.

I would like to say a massive thank you to both of you for making buying a wedding dress an amazing experience and putting my mind at ease on more than one occasion. Everyone commented on how beautiful the dress was and the amazing head piece. I am so pleased the first dress came in the "tea stained" colour, it was meant to be.......

Thanks again




Ingrid, Leeds

"Hi Lucy and Paula

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for making shopping for my wedding dress an absolute pleasure! I was really dreading having to try on dresses but from the moment I walked into your shop you made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Being able to choose over 20 dresses (from a huge collection) to try on that I actually liked and could indeed order in my size was unbelievable - I thought I would only have the choice from 2 or 3! Nothing seemed too much trouble for you - in fact buying my dress was the easiest and most stress free part of the whole wedding planning!

The whole experience was absolutely no hassle what so ever.... I could even buy my underwear, shoes, tiara, and earrings all in your shop - plus have my dress/underwear altered to fit perfectly... The Big Day is most definitely the "one stop" wedding shop!!

I really felt like a princess on my wedding day - something I thought was only reserved for thin women!! Everyone commented on how stunning the dress was. So thanks to you both for providing such a fabulous service - I wish you both continuing success in the future.

Many thanks



Debbie, Leeds

"Hi Paula & Lucy I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with my wedding dress.

I felt amazing in it and had so many comments as to how unusual and gorgeous it was.

Thanks again and I would certainly recommend you girls!

Debbie xx"


Michelle, Newcastle

"I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous shop and thank god someone had the balls to make the step into having a wider range of sizes for brides to be to try on and have the experience of feeling 'like a princess' and not having to make do! I can't stress how fantastic my dress was and how great the experience of finding the perfect dress was! Everything was taken care of from the dress, the underwear to the garter!! This is my 2nd marriage and I just didn't want to go through a traumatic experience like I did the 1st time where I settled for a dress and didn't find 'the one'. This time I made sure I would and Lucy at The Big Day was fabulous!

Once again I can't thank you enough!"



Emma, Leeds

"Just had to email you now we have our wedding photos to let you know what a fantastic, wonderful Big Day we had on the 30th. The sun shone and the sky was almost the same beautiful colour as my dress.

Looking at the photos I see exactly the bride I wanted to be. As I said when I collected my dress, you made buying it such a fantastic experience, I am so glad I came to you first and knew from the start that there was an alternative to the "making do with the trying on what's in stock in almost my size and using your imagination" experience of other bridal shops. Apart from that, I never saw another dress anywhere else that came close to what I was looking for. I knew I wanted a simple indigo dress that still looked bridal and you had the only one!

As you know, it's such a rare experience for a woman who's sized above a 16 to be able to walk into a clothing shop and have a free choice of a whole range of clothes you actually like in the right size. So to be able to go into a bridal shop and try on a whole rail full of dresses and actually have to narrow down the selection rather than just ending up with what fits is wonderful. You have such a fantastic range of dresses and that in itself is fabulous but what really made the experience for me is your knowledge, care, attention to detail, understanding, inventiveness, initiative and very personal and personalised service.

Thank you both so much for your enormous contribution to our day. The first thing David whispered to me when I arrived at his side for the ceremony was that I looked beautiful and I felt it for every second of the day. I would absolutely and unreservedly recommend you to anyone and having bought my bridesmaids dresses from an 'ordinary' bridal shop I almost feel sorry for the skinny girls who can't benefit from your level of service.

With much love, many, many thanks for everything and all the best for the continued success of your inspired business."



Kathryn's Mum, Otley

"Dear Paula & Lucy,

The day went brillintly and Kathryn looked beautiful. Her dress and the bridesmaids were much admired. The sun shone and Kathryn smiled from the moment she woke up until the time she left the reception - after midnight.

Thank you for all you did to help make her special day such a success. I shall not hsitate to recommend you to my friends (unforetunately they all seem to have skinny daughters!).

With love and thanks




Janine, Leeds (wedding in Cancun, Mexico)

"Hi Lucy & Paula,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping make my wedding day the most amazing day of my life. I was so happy with the dress I chose - I really did feel a million dollars.

The first day I walked through your doors, I was a bag of nerves and not really looking forward to trying on any dresses. It wasn't long before the nerves had dissapeared and I was loving all the dresses, then I tried on the one and I felt fantastic. You were so helpful, supportive and gave an honest opinion without making me feel uncomfortable. Not only did you have beautiful wedding gowns but lovely shoes too, and what was even better they were comfortable .....

I wish you every suceess with your business, the only downside for me is that I will not be going through the whole experience again.

With love and best wishes

Janine & Rob"



Sam, Manchester

"Hi Paula and Lucy,

After the horrifying prospect of being a size 22 and needing to find a wedding dress - I really did feel like a princess, not only was the big day great - the whole process (even though we travelled 2 hours every time) was so much fun. Please don't change the exclusive appointments - everything that you do, you do best!

Thank you for making me the belle of the ball, every single person commented on how unsual the dress was, and I really think that I picked the best one!!!! (after being such a nightmare and wanting all of them!!)

Best of luck with the expansion, you deserve to do well!

Love Sam"



Debbie, Nottingham

"Hi Lucy and Paula,

We would all like to thank you for all your help in finding Debbie this beautiful wedding dress which every one said looked amazing. The day was perfect apart from us getting the jacket the upside down don't ask how but the cars came early and Debbie went into a panic and put it on, and because she was hot we could not work it out! We would recommend you to anyone and have done. I hope you can see from the couple of photos attached for you to add to your collection, just how good you made her look.

Ben just thought that she looked amazing and just cried when he saw her. She had a little trouble in the car as the dress was so big but her Dad sorted her out, I hope you will see just how happy you made her on her wedding day, which was perfect with lots of help from you both.

We don't think we have every met anyone with so much passion for the work that they do, but who could blame you, you have the best job in the world! We would all like to wish you all the look for the future.

Debbie and Pam, her mum."



Kate, Manchester

"Just wanted to say a big thank for giving me the wedding dress of my dreams! Never thought I would be able to find such an amazing dress.

Can't tell you how much it meant to be able to try on dresses in my size and to be made to feel at ease. The business you have is fantastic please don't ever stop!

Here's some piccies of the dress - poor dress suffered on the day.....being squashed (and I mean squashed!!) in to a wedding car, bird poo at the lakeside(!!) all very glamorous!!

Take care and good luck for the future!!"


Emma, Cheshire

"Thanks once again for all your help and support - we had the most fabulous day although it all feels like a lifetime ago!

With love from Emma and James"


Sue, Rotherham

"Thank you both so much for my beautiful dress and all you help and advice. We had a wonderful day.

Sue xx"



Cath, Wellingborough

"I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for helping to find me the most wonderful dress and for making the whole experience of shopping for my wedding dress so great. I think I shocked everyone when I walked down the aisle in the bold as brass red silk! The dress was exactly what I wanted and I felt like a million dollars all day - you really can't ask for any more than that on your wedding day.

You were both so friendly and helpful (not to mention patient if I was having an insecure moment!) and you made the dress fit like a dream. I'd started out dreading having to shop for a dress because of my size, but after visiting your shop the whole experience of choosing and buying the dress was great fun.

My mum and chief bridesmaid Lynette both think you're wonderful too, and we will be recommending you to everyone from now on. Keep doing what you're doing for many years to come, you're absolute stars!

Take care, Cath x"


Joanne, Cheshire

"Everyone said the dress was perfect, and that I looked fantastic - so thanks girls for making that happen for me. It wouldn't have happened without you.

Keep up the good work, and I meant it when I offered my assistance at any of the wedding events. Or anything. It's been a pleasure to meet you and I would love to keep in touch even though the wedding is now over (honeymoon starts on Tuesday....)

Joanne xxxx"


Leanne, Huddersfield

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making the search for my wedding dress so enjoyable. From the moment we arrived you made us feel welcome and put me at ease straight away.

Trying on the dresses was great and I'm so glad we came as I have got the perfect dress! I can't wait to wear it.

Thanks once again, all the best for the future,

love Leanne"


Karen, Manchester

"Many thanks to you both.

The dress was absolutely perfect, everybody loved the dress especially my husband and the day was wonderful.

Thanks for everything.

Best wishes

Karen xx"


Paula, Liverpool

"Hi Girls

Thanks again for all the help and support you gave me on the run up to my wedding even when I was greeted with a little suprise, I've attached a few photos, hope you like them.

Paula xxx"



Joan, Rochdale

"Thank you very much for helping me find my perfect wedding dress. I felt amazing in my gorgeous dress and veil, just like every bride should feel. Thank you for making the whole experience so wonderful. I wasn't particularly looking forward to finding a wedding dress, I was prepared to find a dress that would 'do' but you had such a wonderful selection of dresses in the store & there were so many beautiful ones that I could choose from that I didn't have to make do, I was able to choose a dress that suited me, one that made me feel (and look)absolutely fabulous.

I had a lovely time trying on the dresses when my sister & I first came to the shop, it was great to have the place to ourselves for a few hours, to be able to actually try on so many different styles (in my size) and to see how they looked on me and learn what style suited me best. I hadn't expected to find 'the' dress at the first place I looked, but once I'd been to your shop there was no need to go anywhere else, you had so many different designs, colours and styles there had to be a dress (or two or three) , there for me, and I did find the perfect dress for me, so thank you very much for that.

Two of my sisters helped get me ready (and into my Rigby & Peller underwear !) and even though they had seen me dressed, veil down and ready to go 10 minutes before I walked down the aisle, they still burst into tears when they saw me in the Church. We had a lovely wedding day, everything was perfect (even the weather), especially my dress and my lovely sparkling veil.

Thank you both, Joan"


Emma-Jane, Castleford

"What can I say about our wedding day apart from it was totally fabulous and we had an absolute ball!! I did make my grand entrance to Nina Simone's "I'm feeling good" and me and my dad sashayed our way down that aisle! It was definitely the happiest day of my life... so far!

Just wanted to thank you ladies again for your brilliance and tolerance and hope to see you soon.

Lots of Love



Rachel, Manchester

"Thought I would send you some photos of the wedding, Lucie and Lisa looked gorgeous in their dresses. I want to thank you for all your help and patience with us! I ,highly reccomend your service to other bride and bridesmaids to be!

Once again, thank you so much, take care,

Rachel xx"



Amanda, Huddersfield

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the wedding was. We had a small do approx 35 people but everyone there was someone special to us so it made it perfect. I felt simply stunning in my dress and I know I looked amazing. A radiant bride someone said, that's how we should all feel on our wedding day and finding the right dress did that for me.

Even my dad who isn't one for giving compliments shed a tear and told me I was beautiful when he saw me. Lots of smudged mascara!!

Anyway here are a few pics. I can't thank you both enough and I wish you every success in your expansion.

Love Amanda"


Kathryn, Pontefract

"The dress looked and felt gorgeous - big girls can feel like princesses too. It even made my Dad cry!

Thanks for all your help, i would love to do it all again.

Lots of Love



Nicola, Wrexham

"Well we had our big day, and what a day. The weather was great, except the wind. My dress looked fab and everything went without a hitch.

When I met you both at the wedding fair, I thought great!! I'd been browsing around wedding dress shops and wasn't looking forward to really looking for 'The One' dress that would make me feel like a princess for a day.

My mum and I came to your lovely shop on your open day and was impressed with the collection of dresses that I would be able to choose from and even try on. We made the appointment and brought an entourage. I had great fun picking out loads of dresses in my size that I could try on and did. It was so much fun just being able to try them all on. Then it was down to the last three and then 'The One'. I fell in love with my dress as soon as tried it on.

You both made the experience one to remember and I thank you so much for helping to make my search so wonderful, easy and relaxed. I know that you will go from strength to strength with your kind, caring, thoughtfulness that helped me so much.

Thank you again, Love Nicola xx"

Helen, Darlington

"Since getting engaged to Andy and booking the perfect venue, I have being itching to get inside a bridal shop to start searching for the dress of my dreams. However, being a curvaceous girl, the thought of suffering public humiliation in a 'skinny girl shop' was not inviting. Thankfully, through a friend, I managed to get in touch with Paula and Lucy, which opened the door to 'curvy girl dress heaven!!'

Over the last few months I have got to know the girls and grown fond of them. Their enthusiasm, warm personalities and understanding of the more voluptuous ladies has made my wedding dress experience a magical and happy one. I am proud to say that on the first day of trading of the Big Day, I found 'my one dream dress' which made me feel like a complete princess!!! (So much so, that I didn't want to take it off!) There were tears all round....... I am ecstatic with my choice of dress and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in all my bridal finery. Look out skinny girls, here I come!!!

Paula and Lucy - Thank you for making me feel like a princess!!!"



Carol, Sheffield

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you both. Having fitted me in at very short notice, I have to say it was with great apprehension that I arrived at your shop. You have a great selection of beautiful wedding dresses in a variety of sizes and styles.

As I had no idea what I really wanted I was able to look at all the dresses and pick out ones I did like. It was helpful when you said to say what I did and didn’t like about a dress because then you could make suggestions which made things easier. After selecting about 15 dresses, I found my perfect wedding dress.

I think the most important thing about my experience at The Big Day was that at no time did I feel humiliated by being forced to try dresses on that were far too small. I felt both of you completely understood how difficult it can be for the more curvaceous ladies and I was made to feel special throughout my time there.

Once again many thanks, Carol"


Rachel, Lancaster

"Thanks for sorting me out with such a fabulous wedding dress - it certainly made me feel the part on the big day and we wondered if you might like to see the pictures.

Hope your business is continuing to do well,

Best wishes,

Rachel and Mark"

Photograph by Kevin Lindeque

Lindy, Bradford

"All I can say is that I felt amazing in my wonderful dress, my friends were all in tears when I arrived (tears of joy and amazement that is!) Bayram (the Groom) was gobsmacked and my little boy thought his Mummy was a princess, what a very very special feeling! The day was really lovely and I just want to reiterate my thanks to you both and your beautiful dresses for helping to make it that way.

I hope you like the pics, with sincere best wishes to you both for a very successful future, just don't change, you already have it so right, keep smiling and enjoy yourselves.

Love and Best wishes, Lindy xxx"

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