Testimonials from our happy customers

Please also see Our Real Brides to view photographs and more comments from our brides that have had their Big Day!

Klair, Rawtsenstall, Lancashire
"Thank you for looking after us at the weekend, we had a fabulous time... It's definitely gonna be Ian Stuart, just need to decide which one!! It's gonna be a tough one!!! x"

Sky, Walsall
"All I can say is thank you!!! So fantastic to find a shop like yours!!! Such fantastic helpful staff.. Thank you all so much!!!!!! X"

Joanne, Warrington
"Just a little note to say, I came into your shop on Saturday and I wasn't looking forward to it in the slightest!!! From the minute I walked in with my mum and 5 bridesmaids I felt totally at ease, you have a fab shop with so many dresses to choose from, and 2 lovely ladies who knew exactly how to make me feel like a princess. You also gave us some extra time for my bridesmaids to get sorted too. I found my dream dress and can't wait to come back for my 1st fitting!!!

Your shop is fantastic and Paula and Lucy are sooooo lovely. All 7 of us had a fab afternoon. Thanks xxxx"

"I am writing to say thank you! I came to see you last Thursday for my very first 'dress trying on'. I have to say that you both made the appointment so special, and you were both lovely and I felt really comfortable and had a great experience trying on the gowns. Since then I have been to a couple of places which, needless to say, have not measured up to my experience at The Big Day . In fact, they have been very poor in comparison (especially ******, they were pants!).

You were so helpful in contacting your designers to find out if the Justin Alexander dress was available for me and I really appreciate that you did that.

All the best, and you will see me again soon!"

Tracey, Derby
"I just wanted to say thank you again for today. I had a truly wonderful time trying on all the stunning dresses, I never expected to be able to try so many on and the fact that some of them were too big for me made me feel amazing! I also never expected to find "the one" but I did, I've been grinning like a fool ever since I left the shop this afternoon and I can't stop thinking about how I felt wearing it. You made my dress shopping experience so enjoyable, I felt comfortable from the minute I stepped in the door and I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart for that as I really was so aprehensive beforehand.

I'm so looking forward to coming back next year for my fittings. Thanks again, our experience today really does mean a lot."

Gail (Tracey's Mum), Derby
"Words cannot express how happy I felt today at Tracey's appointment. The dresses, time and attention given by you were excellent. You made my daughter feel confident, happy and "normal" sized in choosing her dress for her special day. I have nothing but praise for you and the "Big Day" and I would recommend you to anyone who feels they do not have the body of Kate Moss and who wants to feel happy and confident in their own size and shape. Thank you!"

Gill (Anna's Mum), Burton on Trent
"Just a note to say thank you for your kindness and patience this afternoon whilst we all watched Anna trying on dresses! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, feeling relaxed and confident in your expertise. I am sure she will make up her mind in the next few weeks and be back to order. Thank you so much - it made such a difference to try dresses that fitted."

Amy, North Humberside
"I just wanted to email you to say a very big thank you for all you help and guidance. I was apprehensive about finding a dress, due to being a "plus size" bride. I needn't have worried, having no idea what I wanted and facing the issue of not being able to find a store that I could actually try dresses on in my size, I was amazed by your choice and infact you having dresses there that were too big for me. I left feeling assured and comforted by you excellent service!!!!

Needless to say I will be back :) I actually won't be going anywhere else for my dress!! Many thanks again."

Natalie, Bury
"Just been for a dress fitting at The Big Day for my blessing this year and you ladies are amazing. My dress fits me like a glove and we all had a good cry. I also can't thank you enough for my daughters flower girl dress. Big kisses to you both, mwah, see you in a few weeks xxx"

Tracy, Doncaster
"I just wanted to add to all the comments I have read on your website. I am due to get married in Sept 2012 and was not looking forward to dress shopping, however when I attended at your shop with my 3 friends I was pleasantly surprised. I don't like shopping and usually find it very stressful but on this occasion I had to most fun ever and I cannot wait to come back in Oct/Nov with my mum to make my final decision after I managed to get my choice of dress down to two....thanks for making it such a wonderful experience....see you later this year."

Claire, Leeds
"I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service when I visited the other Saturday. I came with my future sister in law and my future mother in law who also commented on the customer service. I really enjoyed my experience and thank you for all your help and guidance."

Emma, Lancaster
"Just wanted to drop you a line and Thank You so much for really making my wedding dress shopping experience so special!As a bigger girl I dread shopping at the best of times for any outfits but had never thought about wedding dress shopping until the time came when I needed to do it. My wedding had been booked for 6 monts and was only 7 months away when I realised time was running out and I really needed to get organised! After looking at websites, reading forums and talking to people I had realised what a degrading and depressing experience wedding dress shopping could be and had been putting it off until I coud not ignore it any longer.

Then I discovered you! I can not put into words how lovely and enjoyable the whole experience was and how special you made me feel. It was amazing to try on so many dresses that actually fit and be somewhere where you are made to feel so comfortable regardless of size and shape. I have not stopped talking about it 3 weeks on. I was lucky enough to have the whole experience over again last week when I came back to get my bridesmaids dresses (for girls who are very slim) and were treated just the same - my size 8 sister is my bridesmaid - she can walk in any shop and get a dress but was still blown away by the whole experience & service!!

It is a 200 mile round trip and people thought I was mad at first but since seeing how amazing the experience was everyone agrees it was the best thing to do! Can't wait for our dresses to arrive so we can come back and do it all again!! Thanks again and have already started recommending you!"

Anna, Leeds
"Hi, Thank you so much for my appointment on Saturday. You were fantastic. I just wanted to ask if it would be possible for you to let me know when you get any new collections in, and if you hear that Bouvardia will be discontinued (even though I know that's not going to be for a while)? I will definitely be getting my dress from you! Thanks a lot."

Jill, Wakefield
"I would like to say thank you for all the help you gave me in choosing my wedding dress. From the minute I walked into your shop you both made me feel at ease and knowing that I am a cuddly size you both made me feel great about myself. You both are absolute stars.

I know that from my experience any girl who has the pleasure to meet both of you and choose your shop is a very lucky girl indeed. I wish you both the very best of luck in your business. xxx"

Rachel, Maidstone
"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Paula for all your help on Friday.My experience of wedding dress shopping had been ok before coming to your shop. However, being asked to walk out into a busy shop, wearing dresses that were 5-6 sizes too small and with my back exposed had put me off... then came you! I had no intention of buying a dress so early before my wedding, on Friday, however your expertise and kindness were enough to win me over! Your dresses are beautiful and the fact that they fitted (and in some cases were too big) was a rare feeling!!! I loved the fact that you didn't have 'stereotypical' fat girl dresses, but instead, gorgeous detailled gowns fit for princesses.

I will be throughly recommending you to everyone I know who is 16+. It was well worth the 300 mile trip! THANK YOU!"

Helen, Brighton
"I just wanted to say that, as others have said on your website, your shop is a lifeline for us curvier brides and honestly there is nowhere else in the entire country where it is possible to try on the vast selection of colours and styles of dresses as I did in your shop, I honestly never thought it would be possible or that such a place existed! So, as and when I do know for what date I need my dress, I will certainly be back in touch!"

Fiona, Leeds
"Hi Paula, I'm really pleased you got back to me, I have heard nothing but wonderful tales about you two ladies from two of my friends at work. One of which just got married last week and looked amazing in her dress that she purchased from you. I was hoping for an appointment if possible. I look forward to hearing from you."

Elaine, Carlisle
"Thankyou for all your help, the dress was brill and the jacket great for holding an eagle who was a bit heavy! You are both lovely ladies who work very hard to make dreams come true. I felt like a princess for a day. x"

Janet, Liverpool
"Great day yesterday trying on my dress, just thrilled. Made to feel so special, coming to your shop is so worth the drive from Liverpool!"

Michelle, Sheffield
"Once again I would like to say thank you for the lovely service you have given me and how comfortable you make me feel. x x "

Nicola, Leeds
I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you both did to help me and my bridesmaids find our perfect dresses. I had so many comments about my dress, everyone kept commenting on how fantastic I looked and it made me feel amazing!! I never thought I would have a dress that I would look and feel great in, Matt my Husband loved it!

The whole experience made me feel so very special and I wish I could do it all over again. Your shop is fantastic and gives every girl a chance to feel like a princess for a day!!! Thanks again and I hope to see you again!"

Alison, Manchester
"Hi, I would like to thank you for the lovely experience I had on Friday, I never thought that trying wedding dresses on would be like that. Thank you again for such a lovely experience."

Jess, Leeds
"Thank you so much for helping both me, and my mum, find a dress last week. We had both had a hectic day and I was (to be honest) dreading the appointment as we can fall out at the drop of a hat. You made the whole experience wonderful. I am really happy to say I would love to buy the dress you are holding for me. After a bit of deliberating (and some money shuffling) it is a definite choice for me. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you."

Kelly, Manchester
Hi there, you have come very highly recommended to me by a very happy newly married friend of mine who was in a similar situation to me, i.e. becoming very frustrated with bridal shops trying to push me into boring dresses as I am overweight! I am loosing weight slowly, 1lb per week but have yet to actually try on a dress! My friend said you were wonderful and that I should book an appointment so I would like to please. x"

Chloe, Wakefield
"Hello, thank you so much for the super service on Saturday morning. I was so scared about dress shopping and you really made me feel at ease. When I put on 'the dress' it made me smile and then we you put on the tiara with the flower on and the veil, I felt like such a princess!! Thank you so much! Can't wait for the dress to arrive so I can come back and put it on again!! xx"

Karen, Manchester
"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find my perfect dress and for making me feel so special when choosing it. It was the part of organising the wedding I was dreading and thought that I would never look good in a wedding dress. I was wrong, your help was brilliant and your shop is lovely. I cant wait till my special day in September 2010 now. Thanks again from me and my bridesmaids who you also helped find their dresses. x"

Lesley-Ann, Wakefield
Hi ladies, just a little message to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find 'the one'! I never dreamed I could feel so beautiful till I started to try on amazing dresses that actually fitted me. As I said last night you are the Rolls Royce of bridal shops and I should know as my fiance works for them! Your expert advice, no pressure sales and all round fantasticness made an experience I was dreading into one of pure happiness. Oh and I can't wait for my gorgeous dress to arrive, I want to wear it now!"

Vicki, Prince George, Canada
"Hi, I just wanted to say that as a plus size woman I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed by your web site. I have been looking for a wedding dress and have had no luck with seeing pictures of "real" women in such dresses. Your gallery and testimonials show that every bride no matter her size can be beautiful in a wedding dress. I live in a small town in Northern Canada, and have been internet shopping for a wedding dress. The thought of going on a trip to the city into a bridal shop terrifies me as I am sure there won't be much for me to try on. I applaude you and your store for caring for us larger ladies. I wish I was closer as I would surely visit your shop. Its great to see real women in your beautiful dresses!"

Beci, Guisborough
"Thank you for going to so much effort in response to a desperate email plea from a stranger for help Ė and thank you for helping me to track down matching pants with only hours to go! Itís a shame that people only ever hear the horror stories about bridal shops and never anything good about the hard working people who go out of their way to help someone who has never even set foot in their shop. Iíll definitely be recommending you!"

Mel, Burnley
"Just wanted to say a very quick thank you for the wonderful service you gave me on Saturday morning, it was my 1st wedding dresses shopping experience and it wasnít as scary as I thought it was going to be. I am so glad you allowed us to take photographs as after showing them to family and friends, and having time to reflect on each different dress Ė I now like some ones that I nearly discounted more than the ones I had short listed!

You do a great job and the no-pressure selling atmosphere has made me certain I want to buy my dress for you guys! Keep up the good work."

Caroline, Oldham
"I just wanted to write to say a massive thank you for all your help earlier today. I am getting married on 19th December and everything was running smoothly. However due to a car accident, everything soon started to go wrong very quickly. Because I have not been able to continue going to the gym, I have started to put weight on after working so hard to get myself down to a size 16/18 from a size 34. I had already bought a size 18 dress which was only a little bit too small in February. When it came time for my first dress fitting in September, the dress would not go anywhere near me. I have never been so upset. I literally spent over 4 hours in tears.

Along came Supermum who convinced me to have a look at a website for fuller figured women that she had found. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the website and was faced with so many more dress designs than I had ever seen before. I agreed to make an appointment to come and "have a look" at what was on offer - with only the intention of coming away having done what I said I was going to do - LOOK ONLY!!

I can only say I was blown away by what you had to offer. I picked out a dozen dresses or so, and the very first dress I put on spoiled every other dress for me. It was so beautiful. I was so appreciative of the fact that you would not let me go over my budget, and were so truthful about what would and would not suit me or fit me. Just being able to wear an underskirt that fitted - instead of the underskirt that was about 6 sizes too small which I had been sold from the previous bridal shop - I can honestly say I have never tried on a dress that was too big for me and had to be pinned to hold it on!

After much dress trying, I went back to the original dress and knew straight away that it was "THE ONE". Combined with the best fitting basque that I have ever tried on and the knowledge that you had about what exactly what would fit and what would not fit - I can honestly say you made me feel like a princess! I really cannot thank you enough - you are wonderful and I cannot wait for my first dress fitting - even though so little needs doing to the dress - it seems as though the dress was actually made for me and me only.

I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait for my big day so I get the chance to spend all day wearing the dress of my dreams!!! I know my mum is so grateful to you for making me smile again, and I will be forever in your debt for making me feel this wonderful. I cannot get this stupid grin off my face and for that I thank you so very very much!"

Lynne, Hull
"Tried ringing a couple of times today, but I guess you were busy with fittings, and no wonder, your service is outstanding. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Paula who let me try on both those Ronald Joyce dresses, AGAIN(!), last Friday after I had had yet another two disappointing visits to other dress shops. However, it just confirmed that I had found 'the dress'.

I called in completely off the cuff on the off-chance that I could see the dresses again, and my luck was in, as I spent over an hour trying them both on to fix them in my mind. Honestly, I never expected to find ONE dress that I love, never mind TWO! Do you realise what I dilemma I've been in?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I HAVE decided. Thank you Paula for giving me the time to think, and such a lovely trying on experience, both times. I think it was only my own lack of self confidence holding me back with being overweight and it being figure hugging - I've never worn a dress where I have thought 'WOW' on seeing myself!

I showed photos of the dresses (the idealistic ones on the web) to my daughter without telling her what I thought, and she immediately plumped for the fitted style. Then I showed her me in them, and that was it. WOW, as well! So there we are. Sorted. I am so excited! lol.

Anyway, look forward to speaking to one of you, very soon!"

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding me the perfect dress. I was so worried because I am a fuller figure I wouldn't find something that was so beautiful . I now cant wait for my big day and to wear my princess gown. xx"

Helen, Chester
"I would just like to thank you for treating me so well today. I know as a bridesmaid I am not the main priority but after getting very down and depressed about the services offered to me in Chester - being able to come into a shop and actually try on dresses and be treated with some respect was worth the 5am start and 2 hour drive. So thank you very much."

Kelly, Doncaster
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for this morning. We all had a wonderful time and the service that you provided was beyond anything I could have imagined. I tried on so many wedding dresses that fitted and were too big it was amazing, as were your ideas with altering halter necks to suit my tastes. You even got my mum all teary eyed at the sight of me in a dress and veil.

Also being able to put my bridesmaids in the same dresses was something I never imagined possible. Along with offering to put straps on the younger bridesmaid dress and the provision of matching stoles and sashes so the youngest bridesmaid could blend in - absolutely perfect! Although we have not set on particular dresses as of yet you can guarantee that we'll be back to decide and put an order in with you. All I can say is I will definately recommend your shop to others... Ladies if you're looking for a dress do not waste your time thinking of going elsewhere. This is the place to go.

Thank you so much and we'll be seeing you soon!"

Fiona, Sheffield
"Just wanted to say a big thankyou for your help yesterday in my hunt for the perfect dress! I had a great time trying on all your gorgeous dresses and felt really girly for perhaps the first time ever! I had really been dreading going shopping for a wedding dress so thank you so much!"

Zoe, Keighley
"Just wanted to say what a wonderful morning we had trying on wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Nothing was too much trouble and we've never felt so comfortable in a dress shop! Many shops make a larger lady feel uncomfortable but this was certainly not the case! It was fantastic to be able to try on so many dresses that actually fit!! I think it was 15 in total for me and 7 for my bridesmaid - the only problem we had was too much choice!! Can't wait to come back again in January to order our perfect dresses.

I came into the shop with a particular dress in mind and left with "the one" - completely different to the one I thought it would be!! It's just been fantastic and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who will listen! Thanks again!"

Emma, Liverpool
"What a wonderful experience I had on Saturday. I have been in one other 'standard' bridal shop to be told nothing in their shop would suit me. As you can imagine that's a real blow to the ego, a sure way of feeling dreadful about the way you look. I had begun to really dislike my body and it's wobbly bits!!! For the last couple of months since going to the other shop I have hated everything about getting married because the wedding dress is so central to the day. The first thing people ask is have you got your dress!! When you're feeling unattractive and far too big the idea of getting my kit off and putting dresses on was causing me so much stress and upset.

But then I decided to book an appointment knowing I really didn't have any longer to wait as I am getting married in 21 wks. Woke up on Saturday morning worrying myself silly, putting on the biggest pants and bra that would cover me up as much as possible!! My mum and I got to your shop and from the moment I walked through the door both of your warm smiles and attentiveness settled every anxiety more than I could ever imagine. Your exquisite range of gowns truely amazed me. Your creative eye gives you something that stands head and shoulder over other 'standard/safe'bridal shops. You can see the beauty in every bride and have a natural instinct in how you bring this out in your customers.

I have chosen a gown that truely made me feel like a beautiful bride, even my mum (who is very hard to please!) just kept saying that when I walked out in 'the one' she was like WOW is that Emma!!! So if I can do that to my own mother then imagine my groom on my wedding day. New Years can't come quick enough for me know I am totally dying to wear my gown. I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach completely excited and feeling fabulous and that's just for choosing 'the dress'!!! Words really can't say how special you made me feel and thank you just doesn't seem to be enough!

So calling all curvy beautiful ladies out there, stop worrying about your size and dress. Get yourself an appointment and enjoy everything that wedding dress shopping has to offer, you truely would be missing out if you didn't get the opportunity to experience The Big Day!!!"

"I am just writing to say thank you so much for making me feel so special when I came to view your wedding dresses. It was so wonderful to be able to pick from all the dresses in the shop, knowing that every one was available to me. I also thank you for making me feel I had all the time in the world to choose the one that was right for me.

It is a wonderful service that you provide and I can't wait until January. Thank you again"

Laura, Nottingham
"Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to start my search for my wedding dress. I was so worried before I came to your shop that I wouldnít be able to find any dresses that I looked nice in; I havenít worn a dress since I was a child and even wore a trouser suit to my sixth form ball. After Wednesday I now canít wait to be a bride! I actually felt gorgeous in the dresses and Iím not even worried about covering up my arms anymore. Your shop is the first place I have looked for a dress and I certainly wonít be going anywhere else now; you two are so friendly and reassuring I wouldnít put my trust in anyone else to find and fit my dress. It was worth every mile of the drive up from Nottingham and my mum, sister and I couldnít stop raving about our day all the way home.

Canít wait to come back in Feb to make my final choice.

Thanks again, youíll never know what youíve done for me. xx"

Lisa, Liverpool
"I got your name and number from a friend who told me how special your shop was. She described you and your shop as fabulous! I now know she was speaking the absolute truth. You were amazing. Welcoming and warm, friendly and professional. I never expected to feel quite as special as you made me feel. The dresses were beautiful and being over a size 20 I never imagined I would have so much choice! I truly felt like a princess. The first dress I tried on made me cry... the 12th dress was just as amazing and I fitted into them all. I tried my first dress on again and when the tears ran down my face for the 2nd time I realised it was 'the one'.

There is a bit of a problem with my wedding.... It is in 14 weeks time! We only booked it 2 days before my appointment with you and I know that getting the dress in time will be a struggle but I trust you! Paula you were true to your word and even though it was your day off, you rang me to say that the suppliers had the dress in the size bigger than I need and that it can be altered in time. Whoop whoop!

Thank you so much for your persistence and willingness to help make my wedding day as special as it can be. I will be recommending your shop to everyone!"

Katy, Huddersfield
"I just wanted to to tell you how amazing I feel after a visit to your store yesterday. Nothing was too much trouble, you were so freindly and full of helpful advice. Shopping is never usually a pleasant experience for me but I can honestly say it was of my best afternoons ever! I'm on cloud nine to know that I have chosen my dress and can't wait to come back and see you in December.

Thank you so much, xx"

Pam, Castleford
"I would just like to say a big thank you for the service you gave me when I purchased my mother of the bride outfit from you last month. I came with green in mind and you had 2 green dresses in my size to purchase off the peg (as it was close to the wedding date), both were in the sale, and even though I only spent just over £100 with you, the service you gave me was perfect, I feel like I robbed you! I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you"

Paula, Chester
"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for today. We came today with the bride Amy and I had been so very concerned about my being so much larger than the bride and other bridesmaid, but you made me feel very comfortable, you had loads of dresses in the large sizes and only one of which was slightly too small, all others fitted or had to be pinned. That really made my day! You really did help me to relax and enjoy trying on dresses and for someone like me who "doesn't do dresses" that really means a lot. I'm now looking forward to the big day and being there for my best friend on her fabulous day getting married to the man she loves... roll on!

Thank you! xx"

Lisa, Bolton
"Thanks for all your help in choosing the most perfect dress for my wedding. I really cannot wait to wear it. You were so great - as I was rather apprehensive, you put me at ease straight away and yes, big girls can look like princesses!

Once again, thanks for a great experience. xx"

Emma, Liverpool
"I wanted to say Thank You again for last Saturday when you fitted me in. I absolutely loved every minute of being in your shop and felt so special in the dresses. I didn't realise how worried I had been that I would never get a dress and since Saturday, I have been so much more excited about my whole day. I can't wait to come back on Good Friday and choose!!

Thanks again."

Paula, North Yorkshire
"I am just writing to say a massive thankyou for all your help/support/fun yesterday. It was my first appointment looking for a wedding dress anywhere and I really appreciated hearing that I didn't have an obligation to buy. To be truthful I have dreaded going to look for a wedding dress, not least of all because I haven't worn a dress or skirt for over 20 years and really had left it too late with my wedding being only 15 weeks away. I found your details in a wedding magazine and even though I had read the testimonials on your website from all those lovely brides, I still didn't believe I would end up with a dress. As a back up I had bought a white frilly blouse from a high street store!

Arming myself with a pair of pull me in pants (completely impractical under a wedding dress, thanks for the advice Lucy) and a very wonderful, honest friend I arrived at your shop yesterday morning for the dreaded experience of trying to find something, anything, that would look ok. What a morning! We had the shop to ourselves and Paula was so professional in how she helped me try on the underskirt and basque, and guess what, it fitted perfectly. So many times I have tried underwear from plus size high street stores that really isn't well made and fitted where it touched. I have never worn a basque in my life but it did everything you said it would. It was comfortable and gave me a great shape (ME!).

Then came the dresses.....I had been told when I phoned other shops that they may have 1 or 2 gowns for me to try on in 'my size' (I'm a 26) but you had loads, all different and all fab. I tried several on with Paula's 1 to 1 attention and later Lucy as well and I have to say ladies, you know your craft! Nothing was too much trouble and your expertise and experience just shone through. I came to your shop yesterday convinced I would be wearing my blouse and a pair of trousers to my own wedding but you changed all that. I didn't find a dress that looked ok, I found a dress that looked WOW. It's totally beautiful, feels great, and I can't explain how amazing that feels.

Whilst we were there another bride 2 be came in to collect her wedding dress and my dress is the same as hers. While I was looking for my dress on the internet last night I came across some pics she had put on a wedding website of her in her dress and she looks fantastic but what amazed me was (as my friend put it) how you 'styled' us. We look totally different even though it's the same dress AND we both look so WOW. I can honestly say that I will recommend you to everyone and that inspite of all my fears, I would do yesterday over and over again. Thankyou both so very much."

Jude, Wakefield
"I had been dreading dress shopping, but then I found The Big Day! Paula and Lucy were welcoming and professional. They listened to what I wanted and, importantly, what I didnít want and then made some suggestions, understanding my style immediately. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and helped me try on lots of dresses with humour and good grace.

I wanted sleeves so they discussed different options and showed how it could work, what material to use, what style to go with and what to avoid. Theyíre very happy to suggest how a dress could be customised to suit and are clear about how much it would cost Ė a pleasant surprise when it wasnít as much as I had feared! I left the shop in a bit of a daze with a shortlist of 3 dresses, which I never expected. Iíve spent years shopping on my own and making do with what I could find.

To go to The Big Day was such a fabulous, confidence-boosting experience; I only wish they did day-to-day clothes too!! I cannot recommend this shop highly enough, particularly for anyone worried about being Ďtoo bigí for a beautiful wedding dress. Paula and Lucyís relaxed, professional approach coupled with honesty (but not brutal honesty) and a non-pushy sales technique make them the perfect bridal shop. Their respect and fondness for each bride was evident and I felt privileged to have had The Big Day experience."

Rachel, York
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help yesterday. At a size 16 I had previously been made to feel (at other wedding dress shops) that I was too big for their dresses. I could not try their dresses on as they only had sizes 8-12 which was useless to me especially when I had no idea as to what sort of dress I wanted. I needed to try on dresses to see what suited me and what didn't, and couldn't do this previously.

The Big Day was completely different. The staff were fantastic and went above and beyond to help me find dresses that would suit me. It was great to have a 2 hour slot to try on the dresses (I found so many dresses that I liked though I ran over my slot...it was great). I would recommend your shop to anyone. Thank you so much!"

Yvonne (Rachel's Mum), York
"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help today helping my daughter Rachel to find her dream dress. You succeeded in raising her self esteem and she looked beautiful in so many dresses, it was hard to narrow her choice down. I am sure we will be back to try her two favourites on again and hopefully make a final decision as unfortunately, she can't wear both on the day! Many thanks for all your patience and for boosting Rachel's confidence."

Rachel, Newcastle
"I just wanted to drop you a note of huge thanks for helping me find my dream wedding dress and making my day perfect. Being a big girl I really was very apprehensive and worried about trying to find my wedding dress until I found you through my search online. An hour and half journey but well worth it and would travel that distance twice over. When I arrived I was overwhelmed with the choice of dresses and great styles you had available. Most importantly I could actually try the dresses on in my size, feel comfortable and there were dresses up to date and current. I fell in love with loads of dresses and really want to renew my vows in years to come just so that I can visit you again!

You made me feel so comfortable as you are so professional, warm, enthusiastic and personalable, and thank you for going the extra mile when I found out I was pregnant and needed to bring the wedding forward. You made so many options available to me and I am really grateful for that. Thank you for thinking of everything, as well as beautiful dresses you had solutions to cover up the tops of my arms, lovely fur shrugs and organza cover ups, I bought both as they were so fantastic and fit perfect. I valued your opinions and experience on bigger (and pregnant!) brides and trusted your recommendations 100% during fittings and gauging what was best to do as I was growing! Thanks also for your patience when we were arrived late (damn sat nav!) and also when I forgot my wedding shoes for nearly every fitting!!

On the big day everyone commented on the dress, from the photographer, to the guests, to the venue staff, and of course the husband. They really were astounded with the fit and how beautiful it is. I love it!! It's been a wonderful time and an experience to remember. Thanks to you both."

Ludi, Lancashire
"I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the wonderful experience on Saturday. Being a big girl, one thing I was dreading was trying wedding dresses on. I thought I would look awful in any kind as I am not the usual brides size. I was absolutely delighted to come across your shop on Internet as I knew you would understand me, and gosh, you did! There wasn't a dress in the shop that I couldn't fit in and that was such a relief! I also came with a very low image of myself and left with a smile that stayed with me until the evening. You understood what I wanted, and more than that, you knew more than I did what would fit me and suit me. I completly trusted you and found the dress of my dreams. Maybe now my wedding day is going to turn into the fairy tale I always always dreamt of..."

Cath, Reading
"Thanks so much for your truly fantastic help and patience in choosing and tweaking mine and Lynetteís outfits Ė you have been just great and I canít wait to put it all on this Saturday! Iíll send you some pictures and some more feedback for your website after the big day and Iíll be recommending you to everyone from now on.

Thanks again and take care"

Francesca, Sheffield
"I just want to thank you both for all the help and honest opinions you gave me when looking for my dress. My wedding day went beautifully, smoothly, felt so Christmassy and truly was wonderful. Although itís true that the day flies by and I did not want it to end! My dress is sadly now hung up; I did not want to take it off. Itís such a stunning, flattering dress and I truly felt like a princess all day and itís thanks to you both that I felt like that!

I canít thank you enough for giving me my confidence back for the most special day of my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Ruth, Stirling
"Donít visit the Big Day to find your dress, I mean it, you wonít want to leave!! The collection of dresses is so fantastic youíll want to stay all day and try them all on. As a larger size girl, youíll have so many choices and so many of the dresses will make you feel beautiful that itíll be hard to choose. I visited the shop expecting to maybe find one dress that didnít make me look too bad, but no, the ladies helped me to select a whole bunch which would suit my shape and size and they were right, they all looked lovely. Donít waste your time in skinny bride shops girls, get yourself an appointment at the Big Day now and save yourself the misery.

Lucy and Paula who run the shop will make you feel at ease with their friendly and professional manner, you will know immediately that you are in good hands. You might be from further afield and thinking is it worth the trip to the Big Day?, the answer is "Yes", I visited from Scotland and I can say it was well worth the trip!! My thanks to Paula and Lucy - I had a great time and loved the dress I chose, I canít wait to wear it!"

Liz, Darlington
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for fitting us in again on Saturday, it was great to come back and try THE dress on again and look at the bridesmaids dresses too, and we felt totally at ease the whole time, which is impressive considering how odd I look in a basque and underskirt!

I absolutely love that Alexia dress and the shrug, and can't wait to put it on again in January! I will definitely be ordering a black shrug too!

Many thanks again."

Michelle, Liverpool
"Hi, I would just like to thank you so much for making today special for my friend Sue. It really meant a lot to us that she found a dress that she felt comfortable, confident and beautiful in and with your help today this was achieved not only for her own wedding dress but also with her bridesmaid dress for my wedding. Thank you very much and I look forward to returning in a few weeks with the rest of the party.

Thanks again for making Sue feel wonderful as she is so excited about her day now."

Martina, Selby
"Just want to say a big thank you for Wednesday morning. All my fears about walking down the aisle as a pregnant hippo have vanished. I can't wait to come back for trying it on again and I'm so looking forward now to my big day (just this time we won't need a pillow, lol)."

Sarah, Durham
"I just wanted to say thanks again for how fantastic (and patient!) you've been with me. I really appreciate it, I never thought I'd have such a nice time trying on dresses!"

Zoe, Huddersfield
"I came in with my sister, Emma, at the weekend and just wanted to thank you for what was an absolutely wonderful afternoon. My sister was delighted with the service she received and I am absolutley 100% confident that she will be coming back to put an order in for that fabuous dress she tried on. Thank you very very much for making it so special for her."

Rebecca, Bradford
"I just want to say a VERY BIG thank you for today. You both made me feel exceptionally "special". I am so ecstatic about my dress I've been on cloud 9 all day. I have also been raving about you all day. Any brides to be who come to me for their cake I will definitely recommend you.

Thank you!"

Cheryl, Newcastle
"I came into your shop to try on dresses on Saturday just gone - what an absolute pleasure it was too. You were so lovely, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks very much and that I really enjoyed my time with you. I found the perfect dress and will be back in January to place my order. I will probably be back before though if thats ok as my sister and mum want to have a look too!"

Joanne, Manchster
"Thanks for a fabulous time on Saturday. I thoughroughly enjoyed trying on all those dresses. It was so fabulous, and a refreshing change as they say, to be able to try on most of the dresses I had picked out to try (instead of the usual 2 or 3 that a girl or my size can usually try on in a standard bridal shop). It was fantastic to actually have to be pinned tighter into some of the dresses rather than having to have the dresses loosened to try to fit into a smaller dress.

The journey was fine. It literally was only an hour from home (well at the speed I drive anyway) and well worth the trip.

Thanks again for a wonderful time and your patience."

Tony Mentel, Lead Designer at Justin Alexander
"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me about fuller figured brides. I have used the information and inspiration which I gathered at your shop to create a new line of bridal wear especially for bigger sizes. I love your honest feedback and invalueable tips on what a bigger bride feels like and needs in a dress. The day I spent at your shop was really useful to me, and I look forward to visiting you again soon, and speaking to you both again in depth at the next trade fair.

I really admire your wonderful and refreshing approach helping fuller figured brides shine and enjoy the experience of finding a perfect dress. Thanks to you many women will not be palmed off with shoddy service or old fashioned dresses, you prove that big can be really beautiful. You have a great concept, and I think you need to turn it into a chain of stores filling the much needed gap in the market for beautiful fashionable dresses for curvy brides!!

Lots of luck for the future."

Francesca, Sheffield
"Hi there, just a quick message to say thank you so much for Saturday, I still can't stop smiling. I'm so thrilled with the dress and can't wait for my next visit to you. I really did not think I would find a dress and I can honestly say it's the first time I have looked in the mirror in years and not felt fat. I have put a message on the Sheffield Forum so hopefully other brides to be will take note. If you can make me feel this special, and believe me I'm hard work, then you can make anyone feel special.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you both in July."

Zoe, Northampton
"It was fate that I ended up at the Newcastle wedding fayre! I really had just given up on finding my dream dress and wasn,t at all excited about the whole day. So when I saw your stall I thought I was seeing things!! A bigger girl in a beautiful gown??? I could have hugged you both!!You even went out of your way for me which was lovely of you and made me feel so good about myself.

Waiting for my appointment to come to your shop was painful and both my chap and bridesmaid had earache with me going on about it all the time!! The day had come and I just couldn't believe how much there was for me to try on!! Lovely jubbly!! The gowns were out of this world and picking was hard!!

I found my dream dress and cried and I am sooo excited about my BIG DAY!!! Thanks to your fab idea of setting up your fantastic shop!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Amanda, Bradford
"I wanted to send you a huge thank you following my appointment with you on Saturday. When I booked the appointment it was only to look and see, as I thought that being 40, a size 26 with a rather large bust that wedding dresses were not for me. I thought I would find a nice sensible suit somewhere and feel utterly miserable on my wedding day. You and your wonderful shop changed all that.

I came along with my mum and sister who were happily ensconced in comfy chairs with a cup of tea whilst I tried on at least 20 dresses. As soon as I tried on the 1st one something magical happened I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I could wear a beautiful bridal gown and also look damn good in it. Your patience never wavered throughout my 2 hr appointment in fact you seemed to be enjoying it as much as me! It was wonderful to be able to try the huge selection of dresses on and them all fit so that I could see exactly what I would look like. Not hold up a size 10 dress in front of me and have to imagine.

The third dress I tried on turned out to be 'the one'. The clever design and corsetry did wonders for my figure. I tried this on again last with a head dress and some shoes and I became very emotional as I realised I was going to look and feel as special as a bride should on her wedding day. This also set my mum and sister off- it was a lovely moment.

We also managed to get a beautiful bridesmaid dress for my size 12 sister, which was fab as we got to stand side by side and see what the dresses looked like together. I can't describe the difference it has made to me knowing that I will be a beautiful bride with an absolutely stunning gown or the fact that I could have had my pick of so many.

I have told absolutely everyone I know about it and even commiserated with some of my smaller friends that they wont be able to have this experience when they go dress shopping! The shop is a dream, but it is the 2 of you who make it special, your enthusiasm, empathy and passion for finding the right dress made the whole experience one I wont forget."

Rachael, Edinburgh
"Just a quick email to say thank you so much for making the experience of choosing my wedding dress a fantastic one. Your shop, and the dresses in it are beautiful and you made me feel so welcome and at ease. As a larger girl (size 22) didnt think i would find any nice dresses to try on after my previous experiences of bridal shops but I could quite easily have tried on the entire stock...Instead I settled for 21 dresses, all of which were lovely, narrowed the search down to 4, and then I found THE one and I cant thank you girls enough! It is just perfect.

It was well worth the 5 hour drive to your shop. Any curvy girls reading this PLEASE dont be scared of coming here to Castleford to pick your dress. Paula and Lucy will look after you and before you know it you wont want the appointment to end!.. Not only have they got the most amazing choice of high quality designer plus size bridal wear (Not like the typical frumpy, cheap looking plus size dresses you too often see!) but they also stock - and will fit you with if you require - beautiful bridal lingerie. They even pinned up my hair and fitted a tiara too!

The only problem that I had was that I didnt want to leave! So dont sit at home planning how long you can put off shopping for your wedding dress.... get yourself to 'The Big Day' and let Paula and Lucy transform you into a princess...you wont regret it!!

Diana, Leeds
"I just wanted to write and say how fantastic you both have been. As you know I ordered a wedding dress off the internet as I didn't want to go to the embarrassment of going to a wedding dress shop and not having my size!

Six weeks before my wedding I was let down with my internet dress and was panicking that I wouldn't have a dress for my wedding. My lovely boyfriend found the Big Day on the internet and sent an amail on my behalf explaining what had happened. The next day Paula rang me and made an appointment (out of their working hours) for me to come down and try on some dresses. It was a brilliant experience both Paula and Lucy made me feel really relaxed and my size just didn't matter. I tried on some fabulous dresses and found "the one". I went for my fitting on Saturday and the dress looked better than I could have imagined and my Mum was in tears!!

I just want to say a big thank to Paula and Lucy who have made the process so easy and for helping me out at such short notice. They are 2 of the friendliest and funny people I have met and I can't wait for my wedding day in two and half weeks!!"

Tracey, Derby
"I would like to thank you both for today, for your patience, discreetness,and also making me feel comfortable and pretty in my chosen dress.

Thanks again, and I will see you June/July time.

Nicola, Castleford
"I just wanted to thank you for making today so special. I felt like a princess and my dress is amazing, I love it!! Can't stop talking about it either. We have now decided to go for a big wedding and booked the hotel today to get married there! Thank you so so much, I was dreading finding a dress but today was fantastic!

Thanks again, and see you soon."

Laura, Grimsby
"Firstly I wanted to thank you that when I came a few weeks ago to try on some dresses you two ladies were fabulous!!! Your entire help from start to finish made it such a great experience.

I knew in my head which dress I wanted after seeing you at G Mex before Xmas but trying it on just confirmed it!

Thanks again!"

Joan, Rochdale
"I would just like to say "Thank you" for making my appointment last week such a pleasurable experience. I wasn't particularly looking forward to shopping for my wedding dress, I never thought I'd find one that I really liked & I most certainly never thought that THE DRESS would make me cry, but it did. So, I have to thank you for that expereience too! I had good fun trying on the dresses (and I did try on sooooo many of them) and good, impartial but knowledgeable advice from yourself.

And I can't wait for my fittings."

Donna, Castleford
"Hi there, I just want to say what an amazing experience I've had. I was having nightmares about finding the dress but you made it so easy, no matter how many times I changed my mind! You're a star and wish you both all the good luck in the world.

Thank you again."

Lauren, Manchester
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time the last week. I had a fantastic time, the whole experience was really special, we both really enjoyed ourselves, you made me feel like a princess!

Many thanks once again"

Gill, Huddersfield
"As you know, I have recently purchased my "wow" wedding dress at your shop and what a truly wonderful experience. Having shopped for my bridesmaid dresses, I was I admit putting off shopping for my own dress, expecting this to be a somewhat stressful, embarassing experience. How wrong I was!

I originally contacted you by telephone to book an appointment and straight away Paula put me at ease, and I was so surprised to find out that you would have absolutely loads of wedding dresses I could try on. As a size 28 I was amazed!! On my first visit, you girls put me at ease straight away and all my inhibitions were lost when I started trying on your beautiful collection of truly outstanding dresses. What a fun afternoon I had, you both made me feel like a princess, not an overweight bride, trying to "make do". On my second visit, you asked me if I wanted to have another look at the dresses and the whole process started again. Wow!

The result - I have ordered a wedding dress which I never thought existed, a wonderful, sexy dress which makes me feel amazing. I cant wait for it to arrive so that I can visit again to try it on. Since ordering the dress I just cant wait for my wedding day so that I can wear the dress of my dreams, despite my size.

I am absolutely certain your outlet will be a huge success - you gave me an experience I never thought I would have.

Thanks for everything and see you in January."

Debbie, Leeds
"I just wanted to say thank you very much for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable when I came to see you with my Mum and Mother in Law to be. I had a fantastic time and it was great being able to try on so many dresses and not having to pretent how a size 10 dress may look on me on my big day! All three of us were on such a high and were raving about how great it had been.

Again when I brought my sister to see the dress, you were still the same chatty, helpful people we had met and I feel each time I come I am trying on my dress in the company of people who really care about the service they offer and I feel like I am in the company of friends. I feel so excited each time I think about the dress and know I have made the perfect choice,not only with the dress but with the people I have chosen to buy it from.

Thanks for making something I was dreading into the easiest way to bring true my dream."

Lorna, Oxford
"Mum and I travelled to Castleford. ItĻs a fair way from Tamworth and Oxford - it would have been worth the trip at four times the distance. The ladies at The Big Day ensured our experience was nothing short of wonderful. (I ought to have known it would be so: even before booking my appointment, Paula had actually answered my initial email, full of doubts and quibbles, with a reassuring phone call less than an hour after I had pressed send!)

I have spent my life clothes shopping on my own in a furtive, secretive, and almost ashamed way. It felt odd at first to be with other people who were bothered about me. It didnĻt take long to thoroughly enjoy being taken care of, treated properly, helped into and out of what seemed to be unending streams of sumptuous, swishy, glimmering and sparkly head-to-toe elegance. I eventually felt like royalty being attended by maids. These 'maidsĻ were good-humoured, had the patience of saints, and efficiency which is almost old-fashioned now - they also love what they do. Marvellous.

We felt relaxed and unpressured. It was a fabulous time with people who truly understand what the bride-to-be needs. It has been the best shopping experience of my life so far. I feel sorry for undersized ladies (not!).

Be warned: the choice here could be overwhelming. I tried so many and only remember not liking one - mainly because it was too BIG! I loved at least four gowns (keep an open mind, because they were nothing like the sedate outfit I believed myself destined for) and ultimately couldnĻt make my mind up between two of the most adored and gorgeous ones. I was by no means pressured to decide there and then: I think I need to go back again!!!! Oh dear ≠ WHAT a shame!

Go to The Big Day. Experience is usually what you get when you donĻt get what you want: but this will, I know, be one of the best memories of the wedding for me. DonĻt settle for just getting a dress: come here and get the whole package of how it "should" feel when you are to be a bride.

Remember Cinderella? Well she went to the ball before her big day too!."

Joanne, Castleford
"When I set the date for my wedding I didn't think I would be able to find a dress shop that caters for the larger lady. I have visited other dress shops that cater for the lager lady but none made me feel as comfortable and relaxed as you did. Not only did you do this, you were a great source of an unbiast opinion as to what looked good on me and what didn't, because when you shop with your Mum and Gran they think you look good in everything!

On my second visit I tried on one of the dresses that I was undecided on in my first visit. As soon as I put on the dress with a veil and a tiara I felt so beautiful for the first time in a very long time. I am so looking forward to wearing my dress and feeling beautiful again.

THANK YOU again for your help and great advice. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck in your new venture!

Looking forward to seeing you soon."

Suzanne, Scunthorpe
"When we decided to get married, instead of looking forward to shopping for my dress, I was dreading it. I was dreading the experience of going to a shop and being told they didn't have any dresses in my size or if they would give me funny looks because I wasn't a traditional size 14 bride etc.

I'd just like to say a big thank you for giving me the experience every girl wants when trying to find their dream dress! You put me at ease as soon as I walked into your lovely shop. We chose over 20 dresses (it felt like millions!) to try and you always seemed enthusiastic with every one you put on me. You were honest (in a nice way) about what suited me and what didn't. I am left in no doubt that you helped me find my dream dress! I cant wait to come back for the fitting!

Thank you so much for the experience, I am really looking forward to seeing my other half's face when he sees me walk into the room.

Good luck for the future."

Claire, Pontefract
"I just want to say a huge big THANK YOU to you both for your patience and your experience in finding my dream dress. From the moment I spoke to you on the phone you came across so very helpful and you made me feel at ease about my visit.

You have a fantastic range of beautiful dresses that suit everyone in their own way. The two hour appointment made all the difference in feeling special that all attention was on me only. It was my first visit ever to a bridal shop and you found the one for me that makes me feel so happy and special. You will have made my husband-to-be, Tony, a very proud man to watch me coming down the aisle.

The most important thing about my visit is that you made me feel that trying on bridal dresses is not just for the slimmer lady and you can make us curvaceous ladies feel and look slim and great too! When I left your shop there was no doubt in my mind of having second thoughts that Iíd chosen the wrong dress. I had definitely chosen the right dress for me through your experience. I am so excited and so looking forward to wearing the dress. The day cannot come fast enough!!!

Thanks again and I wish you both much success for the future, and may many more ladies like myself have the wonderful experience and pleasurable time in your shop like I did."

Emma-Jane, Castleford
"I came to your shop with my mum on Monday, you very kindly fitted me in at short notice and opened your fabulous shop for us after work.

What can I say other than a very a big thank you from both of us. I had absolutely no idea what style of dress I wanted other than I wanted to look fabulous! And you guys made that possible with all your beautiful dresses in real women sizes!! I can't believe that I found the perfect dress for me on my first visit to a wedding dress shop and I can't wait to wear it on my big day next year. I just know that Andy will be delighted with the results.

So once again a huge thank you to you both for your kindness, patience and good advice.Look forward to seeing you soon cos I certainly can't wait until next August to try it on again!!!"

Carol, Sheffield
"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you both. Having fitted me in at very short notice, I have to say it was with great apprehension that I arrived at your shop. You have a great selection of beautiful wedding dresses in a variety of sizes and styles. As I had no idea what I really wanted I was able to look at all the dresses and pick out ones I did like. It was helpful when you said to say what I did and didnít like about a dress because then you could make suggestions which made things easier. After selecting about 15 dresses, I found my perfect wedding dress.

I think the most important thing about my experience at The Big Day was that at no time did I feel humiliated by being forced to try dresses on that were far too small. I felt both of you completely understood how difficult it can be for the more curvaceous ladies and I was made to feel special throughout my time there.

Once again many thanks."

Lindy, Bradford
"I am just writing to say a huge Thank You to you both for the time and effort that you both gave to me during my recent visit to your fantastic shop. I came in feeling very apprehensive and worried about the whole idea of wedding shopping, never believing that I would find a wedding dress that would either fit me or actually look half decent - oh how wrong I was!

From the moment I stepped in, you made me feel welcome, at ease, and special, and the selection of beautiful gowns was truly breathtaking. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how it would feel to look at myself in a wedding dress and feel like a princess but a princess I felt and on more than one occassion!! Amazing - not only one, two, or even three dresses to try in my size, but more than ten and even some that were too big (hurray!) but all of which were stunning.

You said I would know when I found 'The One' as I wouldn't want to take it off and how right you were. My dress is so beautiful and elegant and has made me feel pretty for the first time I can ever think of. But credit should not just go to the beautiful dresses or the nice new shop, it is you ladies that helped to make the experience so very lovely, your patience, understanding, and genuine excitement for me was really nice and I shall always be grateful to you both for the wonderful hours (I said you were very patient!) spent in your company that day. The day I came to your shop shall remain a very lovely memory for me for a very long time.

I wish you both much success for the future, may you make many more ladies dreams come true the way you did mine!"

Lindy's mum, Bradford
"I would just like to thank you for your time and patience during our visit on Saturday. I am very grateful for the confidence you instilled in Lindy, I shall never forget the look on her face when she tried your gowns on and saw how beautiful she looked. She has gone from only wanting a very quiet wedding with just her very close family to having a full wedding complete with reception (I'm not sure if I should thank you for this, I'll never be able to retire!!) So it is now all systems go and mass panic, luckily she has found a venue which had a cancellation.

Once again thank you for helping her to see that she can look just as beautiful as any other bride."

Sue, York
"Thank you for yesterday and your wonderful attentive service.We girls all have body issues regardless of size or age and your understanding of this put me totally at ease.

I wish you so much luck in your new venture but the way you are going you won't need luck. You have successfully identified a huge gap in the bridal market and it just can't fail. I look forward to seeing you setting up many more outlets."

Helen, Darlington
"Since getting engaged to Andy and booking the perfect venue, I have being itching to get inside a bridal shop to start searching for the dress of my dreams. However, being a curvaceous girl, the thought of suffering public humiliation in a 'skinny girl shop' was not inviting. Thankfully, through a friend, I managed to get in touch with Paula and Lucy, which opened the door to 'curvy girl dress heaven!!'

Over the last few months I have got to know the girls and grown fond of them. Their enthusiasm, warm personalities and understanding of the more voluptuous ladies has made my wedding dress experience a magical and happy one. I am proud to say that on the first day of trading of the Big Day, I found 'my one dream dress' which made me feel like a complete princess!!! (So much so, that I didn't want to take it off!) There were tears all round....... I am ecstatic with my choice of dress and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in all my bridal finery. Look out skinny girls, here I come!!!

Thank you for making me feel like a princess!!!"

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